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A Vision for the Future

RenewMe combines the power of psychology with technology with a mission of enhancing the wellness experiences of customers and employees of global brands.

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CEO of RenewMe 

Dr. Lisa Palmer wants you to lead a more healthy and balanced life. America's leading psychotherapist, healer, and regularly featured national and international television personality, Dr. Palmer, is one of few women in tech. She is set to become a pioneer on many fronts, as the first psychotherapist to develop a self-help app, a minority women tech founder, and The founder of the Renew Center of Florida, Ranked #1 Center for the Treatment of PTSD and Trauma in the US by Newsmax in 2017.
Her idea for RenewMe sprung from years as one of the most sought after psychotherapists in the US, with a successful track record of helping celebrities, nationally ranked athletes, and Fortune 500 entrepreneurs and their families. "I saw the value of how technology, when infused with psychology, could help people to live more a balanced life," says Dr. Palmer.


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A New Future

RenewMe brings together the best in psychology with the best in technology. To manifest her dream, Dr. Palmer assembled an extraordinary team of talented artists, designers, and engineers - including celebrity sound engineer Robert Norris, and former Senior Apple engineers.

Inspired to help existing customers of popular global brands achieve more life balance, the team responsible for building and maintaining iOS, iPad, AppleTV and Apple Watch app for the iTunes store, App Store, Apple Trailers, Apple Remote, iTunes U, Podcast and Apple Music, is now behind the creation of the future "Disney" of self-help apps - RenewMe brand.


A Unique Brand

RenewMe is a world of total wellness through a simple, user-friendly, chic iOS smartphone application. Everything from its design, colors, and content is inspired by the psychology of what Dr. Palmer knows people want and need to quickly and effectively relax, and regain life balance.  

A “very wise app” RenewMe also contains 2-4 minute audio "wisdoms of the ages" to enhance skillful thinking, improve relationships, boost confidence, and achieve greater happiness. Every aspect of RenewMe is carefully selected and produced - from background music selections to the construction of bedtime stories - nurturing the subconscious to build on positives and feel more balanced.

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