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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

RenewMe Smartphone Technology Meets Self-Help App World in 2021

Over the past couple of years mindfulness has exploded in popularity, especially during these unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic times, as increasing numbers of phone users are turning to apps to help them cope through stress and social isolation.

Phone users, especially millennials, are relying ever more on digital software, apps and other online services to help them stay well, be productive, and relax, while they study and work from home, bolstering a $10 billion-dollar self-improvement industry.

“Self-help apps are the new ‘Zen’,” says Dr. Lisa Palmer founder of RenewMe brand, to debut RenewMe and Soulscape apps in 2021 for customers and employees of commercial and hospitality brands. “Everyone needs more balance in their life. These apps are designed to give you the tools you need to help you achieve just that,” says Palmer.

Thanks to the technology boom there are now dozens of apps on the market to help you boost mindfulness. But, “mindfulness is only one small part of living a more balanced life,” says Palmer, a psychotherapist who is also Founder of The Renew Center of Florida ranked #1 for trauma treatment in the U.S. by Newsmax in 2017. Palmer’s RenewMe is an all-inclusive customized suite of audio tracks, tools for life balance, coping skills, goal setting and tracking, and giving resources you need to relax and enhance confidence, motivation, productivity, happiness, and improve sleep. RenewMe also provides articles to enhance mind-body wellness, and a treatment finder to locate resources wherever you may be.

If all that isn’t enough, RenewMe subscribers also gain access to its sister app, Soulscape, designed to help users travel more mindfully. Soulscape includes a plethora of relaxation, meditations, travel trips, and easy access to bookings, news, and weather forecasts to help busy travelers create and maintain balance on their wanderlust-fueled journeys.

Joining leaders in the space such as Calm and Headspace, RenewMe distinguishes itself by bringing a fresh new experience to users seeking life balance. RenewMe’s mission is “to create a more positive and balanced world,” says Palmer, “and that begins with each individual user. When you have more life balance, you can change a ‘gimme’ mentality to a ‘giving’ mentality, and manifest great things in your life and the world at large.”

RenewMe is set to be a one-of a kind brand, designed by an internationally-famed psychotherapist and developed by former senior Apple engineers who, inspired by Palmer’s perspective, vision and wise content, have brought to bear their programming talents to mesh her vision with reality.

“Just as each of you are as unique as your individual fingerprints, so is RenewMe,” says Palmer, “This brand is personal. It’s founded on heart and soul, knowledge, and lived experience.”

User-friendly, RenewMe and its sister app Soulscape are modern, sleek in design, colorful, easy to navigate, and offer an abundance of resources and easily accessible audio tracks of wise content. “And everybody has a smartphone,” says Palmer, “that is the absolute beauty of this technology. Technology is virtual real-estate that everyone owns.”

Founded and financed exclusively by its psychotherapist creator, RenewMe is a brand with a mission to make a difference. Although it is no secret that Dr. Palmer, who is half-Dominican, half-Italian American, is a minority outlier in a world of mindfulness tech dominated by male tech savvy founders. After three years of development, Palmer will join the entrepreneurial ranks of few female tech founders leading the way, and an even fewer number in the area of self-help. This will make her the first psychotherapist tech founder – not to mention former beauty queen titleholder (Miss Vermont USA) developing apps of this kind.

While one might be tempted to call her The Queen of Mindfulness, she emphasizes that “this brand is more about you,” and helping you achieve your dreams by living a more balanced life.

“I fully believe that ordinary people can do extraordinary things with the right mindset, motivation, and life balance. That’s the essence of the American Dream,” says Palmer. “They just need the right tools like RenewMe and Soulscape that provide them with a skillset to make a real difference in their lives.”

This might also explain why, unlike many other apps, Palmer’s technology is exclusively designed, developed, and pridefully Made in the USA. “It’s much more expensive to create technology in the USA,” says Palmer, “but it’s worth it.” While my ancestors immigrated to this country from Europe and the Caribbean, I was born right here in the USA, and I love this country and what it offers. In America if you dream and work hard, you can rise to do anything. That’s what makes us a great people, and that is what the RenewMe experience is about.”

Palmer says achieving what you want—whether it be better health, finances, more love, or contentment—begins with a balanced mindset, and a philosophy of living that enhances your three “P’s:” pizzaz, perseverance, and productivity.

“Many things will knock you down on your path to success,” says Palmer, “but the key is to get back up, dust yourself off again and again, and stride back out there still believing in yourself, and giving life your best shot.”

“RenewMe is ultimately about Renewing YOU”, says Palmer, “and we all need a little RenewMe.”

There is no question that in this day and age mobile technology is here to

stay. Smartphone apps like RenewMe are not only super convenient, but can transport you to a world of more balance and personal power.

The RenewMe app will launch in the IOS store in 2021 for Monthly ($12.99/month), Premium ($99.99/bi-yearly), and Yearly ($59.99/yr) subscriptions, and will be available for partnerships with corporate and hospitality brands.


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