Rise of the Female Geek: An Inspiring Founder Creates New Self-Help Apps

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

In a world where mindfulness is in vogue and tech is the in-thing, RenewMe and Soulscape brands are about to turn heads as new leaders in the self-help space joining other popular apps, such as Calm and Headpsace.

“These brands have paved the way, and RenewMe is about to bring a fresh new experience of healing and life balance through your smartphones,” says Dr. Lisa Palmer, founder of RenewMe brand. Palmer is an internationally sought-after psychotherapist who attracts high profile patients from around the world. She is the founder and Director of The Renew Center of Florida, ranked #1 in the U.S. in a Newsmax list of American centers for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSDs) in 2017.

Unlike the other apps, RenewMe brand is not only about mindfulness, mindfulness is just one small part. RenewMe is an all-inclusive suite of customized tools to help you relax, balance your life, improve coping skills, set and track goals, enhance your confidence, relationships, happiness, motivation, and productivity. Not only that, with RenewMe you can access a world of resources, articles, even locate treatment no matter where you are.

If that isn’t enough, subscribers of RenewMe are offered exclusive access to its sister app Soulscape, which is entirely dedicated to helping travelers be more balanced on every leg of their journeys, from easy bookings, news and weather updates, tips on how to pack, check-in and check-out guides, mindfulness and relaxation for their journeys, and so much more.

“Our mission is to create a more positive and balanced world,” says Palmer, who believes that from a personal center of balance you can manifest extraordinary possibilities. “RenewMe is designed to help popular brands enhance their missions to more positively reach their customers and employees to improve their confidence, wellness, and productivity.”

A creative mind by nature, Dr. Palmer not only helps people transform their lives, she is the brainchild of RenewMe. In addition to being the Siri of the brand itself, she is the driving force behind the idea, coming up with its name, mission, and content.

RenewMe is planned to debut in 2021 as Palmer joins the entrepreneurial ranks as one of the few female tech founders in smartphone technology, an even fewer number in the area of mindfulness and self-help, and the first psychotherapist develop apps of this kind.

An idea that began as scratches on a piece of paper was so intriguing that it attracted the attention of some of Apple’s top former Senior iOS engineers, who were much of the talent behind the building and maintaining software for iOS, iPad, AppleTV and AppleWatch apps for the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Trailers, Apple Remote, iTunes U, Podcasts and Apple Music. These renowned programmers are now behind the development of RenewMe and Soulscape, bringing to life Dr. Palmer’s visions for all to experience.

Yes, in a day and age when the words “boss lady” is a common hashtag on social media, Dr. Palmer lives up to the moniker. A daring entrepreneur, she wears many hats: as healer and psychotherapist, nationally and internationally recognized media expert who regularly appears on FOX, CNN, SKY TV, NBC and other networks, a former Miss Vermont USA, and now you can add CEO and tech founder to that list.

In 2012, an ovalpike.com article touted Dr. Palmer as “America’s Sexiest Therapist,” but the former beauty queen coyishly admits, “I am more brains than beauty. I pride myself as more of a woman with a purpose.”

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to Dr. Palmer, there is certainly more than meets the eye of this entrepreneur. Offline she is exceptionally easy-going, charismatic, insightful, likable, and just plain humble. She is not just the glam doll diva one might expect based on her accolades. Yet, behind- the- scenes, she works feverishly and is a powerhouse of knowledge, charisma, passion, focus and, when necessary, pure grit and determination to succeed in the face of all obstacles, even seemingly insurmountable ones.

“Few people know this, but I began The Renew Center of Florida with only a hundred dollars, and I later founded RenewMe without a single investor,” beams Palmer.

There is no question that developing tech is complicated, costly and even scary, “It’s not what people think,” says Palmer, “they assume that developing apps is easy, and you can do it in a week for a few hundred bucks. But believe me, no great achievement in life comes easy. I’ve learned that the hard way. Things that look simple and easy take a lot of hard work, effort, and sacrifice. It takes passion, discipline, consistency and determination.”

Palmer is not one to sit idly with a dream, she believes in taking risks, knowing your worth, and following your passion at all costs. “What else do you have, if you can’t follow your passions? You will have regrets of what could have been,” she says. “Too many people are afraid of success and they are afraid of failure.” Palmer adds, “If you build something and you put your heart and soul into it, you can’t fail, because you followed your heart. If it is not the success you wanted it to be, at least you still did it. That is what counts.”

Half-Dominican, half-Italian American, Palmer, born Lisa Costantino, knows what it’s like to be an underdog. She grew up looking and feeling different at a time when minorities weren’t as accepted or in trend. Raised in the smallest state in the Union, Rhode Island, she attended some of the best schools, including the prestigious private Wheeler School, but often felt like an outsider due to her ethnic and cultural origins. As a perpetual outlier, she struggled with feelings of being not good enough, not worthy, unloved, and unwanted. Early in life many of her talents in the arts went unrecognized, unappreciated, and her gifts were hidden and known only to those closest to her. But her spirit never faltered.

“I had this never-give-up mentality from day one,” says Palmer. “I always knew my purpose was to make a difference, but it took a lot of hard work, time, and training to figure out the path.”

Palmer says you have to believe in yourself to be unstoppable, “see whatever you want as already done and waiting for you, and then do whatever it takes to follow your heart and soul. Be patient, persevere, edit and revise, and know that by making good decisions, staying balanced, and believing in something, it will happen.”

Palmer says, “To win, you can’t be too afraid to fail. It’s okay to have enough fear to motivate you to study relentlessly and prepare, but don’t be afraid to fail, because every setback is a steppingstone to get you to where you need to go next. When game time comes, just let go and give your best.”

Palmer’s mantras come from lived experience. Her awakenings to possibilities began young when she won Miss Vermont USA on her first try and by just one point as the new kid on the block, a fish out of water in the pageant world. She then inched her way into the White House as an intern for the Press Secretary’s Office during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, at a time when it was nearly impossible to wiggle into the position—she was told her chances of acceptance were slim because she was “not the daughter of a politician.” It didn’t matter. The White House selection committee was impressed by Palmer’s essays extolling the American dream and her mission to make a difference, a self-purpose that still lives on today as RenewMe makes its debut.

“RenewMe is just about that, Renewing YOU,” says Palmer. “It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through, where you’ve come from, or the obstacles that have stood in your way. We are all human and have had traumas and hurts. No matter how rich you are, you are not immune from human tragedies, disappointments, and painful experiences that can knock you off course. But the biggest wealth of all that you can have is the wealth from within. When you are rich in heart, mind, and soul, you can live life balanced and passionately wherever you are standing or whatever you are doing.”

To Palmer, RenewMe is not just a tech brand. It’s personal. It brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to your smartphones. “I have my fingerprints all over this entire brand. My heart and soul is in it, and I am excited to share it with you. It’s a gift that everyone can access,” says Palmer. That’s the difference distinguishing RenewMe from its competitors. RenewMe is not merely a brand founded by techies and funded by investors. It’s entirely formulated and founded by a psychotherapist and healer turned entrepreneur with an unwavering passion to make a difference for others.

Palmer is simply a self-made entrepreneur who invested her own earnings to follow her passion to make a difference so that you too can believe that that there nothing you can’t do when you create a balanced life. This is the essence of the American Dream, and this is one reason why unlike other apps, RenewMe is entirely Made in the USA.

The launch of RenewMe is proof in itself that an ordinary person can do extraordinary things. The is the American way. “Yes, you are the author of your existence, and where you start doesn’t have to be where you end up,” says Palmer, “whatever your goals are, you can accomplish them with focus and a balanced mindset!”

The RenewMe app will launch in the IOS store in 2021 for Monthly ($12.99/month), Premium ($99.99/bi-yearly), and Yearly ($59.99/yr) subscriptions, and will be available for partnerships with corporate and hospitality brands.


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